11 stages of making a gifsticle (gifs + listicle)

11 stages of making a gifsticle (gifs + listicle)


List(icle) after list(icle)

1. So here we go, think of something witty 

Photo: tumblr.com

2. I've got nothing 

Photo: tumblr.com

3. ... Still nothing

Photo: tumblr.com

4. Eureka! The perfect gif!

Photo: tumblr.com

Now I've just got to think of something to say ... Potato. 

5. Scrolling to find the perfect "oh-no-she-didn't" gif like

Photo: tumblr.com

6. Getting distracted by all the cute animal gifs

Photo: tumblr.com

I want a kitten/dog/bunny/red panda now

7. Why are the ads always so weird?

Photo: tumblr.com

I don't get it. 

8. Every other picture on tumblr ... 

Photo: tumblr.com

... How are these even pictures of real people? 

9. Alright, I've got a good collection of cute animal gifs now

Photo: tumblr.com

10. Completion?

Photo: tumblr.com

11. Looks like it's back to square one 

Photo: reactiongifs.com



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