Talking points: what subject would you add to the school curriculum?

Talking points: what subject would you add to the school curriculum?

Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong

Helen Wong, 15, Shatin College


I would definitely add a subject on "How to manage your money" to the school curriculum. Understanding how to handle money is an important skill, and I really can't believe that it's not an official subject in school. Money is surely the key to progress in life.

Natasha Lau, 17, South Island School

If I could introduce a new subject to the curriculum, I would pick Family Studies because it would help students understand how to communicate with family members. With social media having "taken over" communication these days, it would be a very useful subject which could help us strengthen family relationships.

Janet Choi Ho-ching, 18, Hong Kong Shue Yan University


I would introduce a law-related subject to the secondary school curriculum. Hong Kong's legal system is famous, and many disputes are settled by our courts. However, before attending college or university, students rarely learn about law. In my opinion, all people educated here should have a basic knowledge of Hong Kong's legal system, for example, the different courts and their functions and the common law system. Introducing law for secondary school students not only helps to raise their understanding of local laws, but also enables them to consider whether they want to study the subject in the future.


Jason Hung, Form Six, Lai King Catholic Secondary School


If I were able to introduce a new subject to the curriculum, it would be English literature. We should all learn it and appreciate its beauty, just like we appreciate ancient Chinese literature. There is no reason for us not to learn English literature.

Kate Ng, 18, University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong students are too shy to speak English, especially to foreigners. So if I were to add a new subject to the syllabus, it would definitely be Fun Oral English. There would be no books or classrooms, just parties, social activities, and a lot of talking. It would only have one goal - to enjoy English!


Liam Fung, Year Eight, Chinese International School

I would introduce philosophical thinking. It would be interesting to compare the thoughts of a six-year-old with an 18-year-old and see the difference in their thinking and perception of the world.

Tell us what new subject you would introduce in the comment box below.

In our next Talking Points, we'll discuss: What's the one school rule that you disagree with most, and why?

We are now accepting answers from readers for this new topic. To take part, e-mail your answer with your name, age and school name, plus a high-res photo of yourself, to by Monday lunchtime next week.

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If you were able to introduce a new subject to the curriculum what would it be?


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