Letter from the dorm: here is why I love law and why it isn't just for rich folk

Letter from the dorm: here is why I love law and why it isn't just for rich folk

Time flies. I cannot believe it is already the end of my first year in England. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was moving into my dorm.

This has been a blessed academic year for me at Lancaster. I have experienced many different things, learned many life principles, and made a lot of new friends.

Studying abroad has always been my dream. The chance to study in a foreign country has introduced me to a lot of new ideas and concepts. Today I would like to share something about one of my favourite subjects: law.

People often think law is only for the rich or the powerful. It’s true that law is used by powerful groups to deal with business or other issues, or to earn more money. But, to me, law is an essential part of life.

The subject truly fascinates me, so I try to read about it whenever I have some free time. I am always amazed that even though the jury system has been used in Britain for the past 800 years, it still raises controversial discussions. Some people think the jury system is ridiculous and unfair; others think it is the best method to make sure that trials are fair.

The art of having fun while attending a demanding university

There are all kinds of debates about whether juries are good or bad, and many authors and legal researchers question why we value or hate the jury system.

There is so much to learn from the debate, and I think that it will go on.

One of the most fascinating things about law is how it remains relevant today. Studying law is fast-paced and analytical; I can find myself studying the benefits of a relatively new concept one day, but the next day, I might be arguing for – or against – a very old law.

The most challenging part is that while you can quickly grasp the basics, there is still so much to learn to really understand the inner workings of law, and the decisions which affect citizens every day.

This is the conclusion I’ve reached as I prepare for final exams.

See you next time, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me. I wish you guys all the best and have fun in summer!

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Why I love studying law


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