Letters from the dorm: My stormy exodus from Lancaster University

Letters from the dorm: My stormy exodus from Lancaster University


Storm Desmond hit Yorkshire and Lancashire, the county Lancaster is in.
Photo: EPA

I started Form Six in September. I was busy preparing for the DSE, and using my spare time to finish my IES project. I could hardly imagine that three months later I would be studying at Lancaster University in Britain.

I first learned about this university at an overseas education exhibition. They accepted my application and I rushed to sit for the Ielts exam. I got the results just one week before my flight to England, and my visa came through two days before I left!

Established by the Royal Charter in 1964, Lancaster University is on the outskirts of Lancaster city. Even though it is a small city, it is ranked as one of the country's top 10 most vibrant cities, with a castle, five museums, and a number of theatres and arts venues.

I was very lucky to experience its annual music and arts festival. We saw fantastic performances everywhere along the streets. As a music lover, I was totally overwhelmed.

But even with all the new things to explore, I am a bit homesick and miss Hong Kong quite a lot. Take food, for example. There is a large variety of food here, like Indian, Spanish and local food, on campus and in the city, but I really miss my favourite dim sum and Hong Kong-style fish balls!

I still remember my first day at Lancaster University. It was the end of September, the weather was lovely, and the maple trees were showcasing their rich autumn colours. We enjoyed lots of sunshine in the next few weeks, and no one imagined we would later experience the "flood of the century".

Storm Desmond caused serious chaos. In Lancashire and Yorkshire, 55,000 homes were evacuated, and there was a massive power failure. One week before exams, we suddenly had no electricity, no light, no heating, no wi-fi … and no food. The university was forced to close and exams were rescheduled to the first week of the new term.

I returned to Hong Kong, where I am studying hard for the exam. Maybe I will share more about my terrifying but exciting experience as a refugee next time. Merry Christmas, guys, and happy new year!

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Sunny days and stormy nights


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