Which one of Doraemon's magical goodies would you want to have?

Which one of Doraemon's magical goodies would you want to have?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a pair of Beats Studio Over Ear Headphones worth HK$2,598.

The contestants

Contestant 1

The Anywhere Door (also known by its cooler Japanese name, the Dokodemo Door) is my pick, simply because I've been asking scientists to hurry up with that portal since my first long flight.

With a range of 100,000 light years, it's a pretty safe bet for getting you anywhere on Earth pretty quickly, and even around the Solar System and beyond. Travel expenses? Time wasted? Shipping costs? Gone.

Contestant 2

Obviously the "Copying Toast"! This magical goodie is one of the most helpful gadgets a student can ever have as it allows you to memorise things easily. Imagine a situation where you only have a few days left for revision before exams; all you need to do is print your notes on this bread and you instantly remember it! What more could a student ask for?

Contestant 3

I'd like Doraemon's Tulip Time Machine, thank you very much. It's just pure awesome. I mean, a luxury time machine that has the latest technology, and runs on solar energy? Not only that, it also looks cool, with its flashy new features. I mean, come on, dudes and dudettes!

Contestant 4

I would love to have his Mecha-Maker, because I could use it to make practically anything, like the Hopter. With the Hopter, we could fly into the air.

But before that, I would make a huge wad of money to make me rich - no, super-rich! Then I'd probably make a Hopter, followed by a time machine so I could travel to the past and future.

Contestant 5

I'd love to take the magical door that can bring you to any location anywhere in time. Whether it's to go talk to Einstein as he discovers the theory of relativity, or viewing the spectacular ice age up close, this would be the ultimate dream come true for someone who loves travelling as much as me - especially because I've always wanted to know what woolly mammoths really looked like!

Contestant 6

Have you ever struggled to memorise information for a test? Those days would be over if you had one of Doraemon's gadgets - the "Copying Toast". When you place it on things you need to memorise, the bread absorbs the information. Then when you eat the bread, you will remember everything it absorbed. With these excellent qualities, this gadget would be a student's dream.

Contestant 7

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to get to school instantly? Have you ever thought of having a gadget that can give you that extra five minutes of sleep? Well, you need the "Anywhere Door". This pink door can get you to school in one second so you won't have to wake up one-and-a-half hours before school starts. All you have to do is say the name of the place and open the door. Isn't it a great way to save time?

Contestant 8

The "Time Furoshiki!" Simply by wrapping a cloth around an object, I can make it newer, or older! I swear, I visit phone repair shops at least three times a year. Goodbye Apple, now I've got a Time Cloth to fix my broken screens. Additionally, if I want to update my phone to the iPhone 432, all I need to do is wrap it in the cloth. What a typical teenager I am, using this goodie for technology.

Contestant 9

I am craving his "Anywhere Door". It could take me ANYWHERE I wanted to go - even space! I am an explorer and I really want to travel around the world and explore different countries in just minutes, and this even makes my dream of exploring the Pyramid of Giza even possible. Doraemon, I love you for this!

*In case of dispute, Young Post reserves the right to decide the result

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Which one of Doraemon's magical goodies would you want to have?


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