Which animal would you like to add to the Chinese zodiac?

Which animal would you like to add to the Chinese zodiac?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a pair of Beats Studio Over Ear Headphones worth HK$2,598.

The Contestants

Contestant 1

I would add the shark to the Chinese zodiac, because sharks are considered deadly, but they're pretty cool, too. People born in the year of the shark would be cunning, clever and have the ability to swim well.

Contestant 2

*Thinking face* *Idea face* *Jumps in the air* … A cat! That extreme furriness and goofiness is, number one, adorable, and number two, comical! Also, they are curious and adventurous. Weren't we taught to be both curious and adventurous in primary school?

Contestant 3

Apart from having big ears and tusks, elephants are very clever, which is why they should be in the Chinese zodiac. They are known for their courage, teamwork and many other great qualities. Since they are being hunted to near-extinction, it is even more important to make elephants a symbol in Chinese culture.

Contestant 4

There aren't enough water-based animals in our zodiac. The race to establish its order involved animals crossing a river. That alone means fish should be included. A fish would reach the other side faster than anyone else and then make a huge leap onto land, where he would be crowned champion. Of course, then he would die, giving these words of warning to overachievers: "Don't work too hard."

Contestant 5

I always wonder why a bird wasn't invited to take part in the race. I love perching birds and if I had to add one of them then it would definitely be a northern cardinal. They are as red as tomatoes and as cute as Angry Birds! What's more, they are songbirds and can sing lots of different tunes.

Contestant 6

There are people who are beautiful both inside and out. Their lives are rich and colourful, but simple and uncomplicated. These people are usually at the centre of attention, and there is only one animal that can represent them … the peacock! I think we have enough monkeys, rats and pigs. It's time for something more dazzling. Year of the peacock? Get ready for a year that is beautiful, rich and simple.

Contestant 7

As China's national animal, the panda should definitely be in the Chinese zodiac. Even the dragon, which is China's other national animal, is in the zodiac, even though its existence was never proven! If that's not enough, aren't pandas just the cutest thing ever?

Contestant 8

I would choose the donkey. Used as a working animal for more than 5,000 years, the donkey is really hard-working. But they are also very cute and strong-willed. Just imagine finding these qualities in a human.

Contestant 9

If I could add any animal to the Chinese Zodiac, it would probably be a bear. Bears can stay inactive for up to seven and a half months. If the bear was in the Chinese Zodiac, it would have years to hibernate, 11 years to be precise. I mean, who doesn't want to sleep for ages?

Contestant 10

Fish have so many great qualities. They are beautiful, and they swim both day and night. This suggests that life goes on and on, and represents continuity. Fish also swim freely and smoothly. Isn't that what we want our lives to be like?

*In case of dispute, Young Post reserves the right to decide the result

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Which animal would you like to add tothe Chinese zodiac?


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