Polish zoo welcomes white tiger cubs, and grows global population of white lions by 15%

Polish zoo welcomes white tiger cubs, and grows global population of white lions by 15%


Azira with her litter of cubs back in 2014.
Photo: AP

Three white tigers were born at a Polish zoo on Thursday, just days after the private facility welcomed another rare litter of four white lion cubs.

Born Sunday, the lions joined an already large family numbering parents Azira and Sahim and their eight other children.

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“We’ve expanded the global population by 15 percent,” owner Andrzej Pabich said of the white lions raised at his zoo in the central village of Borysew.

“The selection process is a lot of work, then we have to choose the right food and create the right environment to have this many offspring,” he told AFP.

White lions and tigers are both extremely rare, numbering only a few hundred worldwide, and owe their appearance to a recessive gene. They are not albino.


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Susan Ramsay


I just want to add to this story: no, they have not "expanded the population" so much as "expanded the zoo population" of white lion. These animals cannot be returned to the wild. They are rare because this colour lion finds it very difficult to hunt on a savanna. So they are not likely to survive in the wild.
They are most likely going to be sold on to other zoos or end up in the lion skin and bone industry.

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