Lead contaminates Lingnan University water

Lead contaminates Lingnan University water

The latest in a line of HK contamination cases, Lingnan University's drinking water has been found to contain lead


Lingnan University is the latest location to be affected by HK's lead water contamination scandal

Two drinking water samples at Lingnan University have been found to contain lead higher than World Health Organisation (WHO)’s safety level, according to the second round of tests commissioned by the University.

Lead levels of two samples collected from a water dispenser at the UG/F of the New Academic Block and in the office pantry located at the Simon and Eleanor Kwok Building were 24 and 12 micrograms per litre respectively, which exceeded WHO’s safety level set at a maximum of 10 micrograms per litre.

Immediate arrangements have been made. The university will install NSF53 certified water filters to the affected water dispenser and the pantry, as well as all drinking fountains on campus.

Lingnan University commissioned the first round of tests in late August when two drinking water samples collected on campus were found to contain lead higher than WHO’s safe level.

Water at four ESF schools in Hong Kong has lead levels that are 'slightly above government guidelines'

The university extended its testing to more locations around the campus, and arranged further tests on water samples from locations where excessive lead were found the first time round.

A total of 74 initial draw-off water samples were collected around the campus in the second round of tests. 

In addition, the pre-filtered water sample collected from the pantry of 11/F, Wong Hoo Chuen Hall had also exceeded WHO’s safety level according to the test report; however, its lead level tested to be in compliance with WHO’s safety standard after passing through the installed NSF53 certified water filter.

The latest test report also found that further tests on water samples from locations where excessive lead were found in the first round of tests have lead levels meeting WHO’s safety standard.

To ensure safety of drinking water in the long run, the university will conduct annual tests on water samples from different locations on campus.


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