Worried about which university to choose? Info days can help!

Worried about which university to choose? Info days can help!

Knowing where and what you want to study isn't easy, but info days can help you decide


Going to a university info day can play an important role in helping you make up your mind about where you want to study
Photo: Antony Dickson

We're still six months away from the DSEs, but local universities are already gearing up for their prospective students. Eight universities will have their information days in the next couple of months.

As with any university information day, at all eight universities there will be guided tours of the campus, talks from teaching staff and faculty members, and the chance to talk to current students at the university. So we know that they will have a lot of the same stuff, to help explain to you what their courses are like, but what do each of the universities have to offer that's different? Here are the unexpected highlights from eight information days.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

When: Tomorrow

Drone flying demonstrations, land windsurfing and water sports activities are just some of the things taking place at HKUST.

Known for its entrepreneurial and "can-do" spirit, Cafeology at the Base is a platform for student entrepreneurs to grab a bite to eat and try out their ideas, and you can stop by on the day for some special snacks.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

When: October 10

Have you ever wondered how last year's candidates scored on the DSE? Or wondered if all of the people who scored the same end up at the same university? Well, PolyU is releasing the average scores of the 2015-2016 DSE applicants admitted to PolyU through their website so that you can see what the typical DSE score is for students at the university.

If you still aren't sure if you've got what it takes, both Jupas and non-Jupas applicants will get detailed information about how to apply to PolyU, and there will be two tailor-made admission talks especially for non-Jupas applicants.

Hong Kong Baptist University

When: October 17

The major events at HKBU's information day include a talk for locally qualified students, a talk on "Navigate Jupas Admissions, Explore HKBU Programmes" and a sharing session, "From Admissions to Life@HKBU", by both academic teaching staff and student ambassadors. 

There will also be a university-wide non-Jupas talk for sub-degree students and a session specifically for students with international qualifications such as the GCE, IB and SAT. 

City University of Hong Kong 

When: October 17

City University are putting their latest courses and admission requirements in the spotlight on their information day.

A new undergraduate programme in biomedical sciences and nine new majors will be introduced, and the basic entry requirements of the university are changing this year. Now, Jupas applicants will need four core subjects and two elective subjects (until now, Jupas applicants needed four core subjects and one elective subject). More details will be available on the day.

Chinese University of Hong Kong

When: October 24

Going to university is all about embracing different cultures and languages, so at CUHK, admission talks will be held in different languages for Jupas and non-Jupas applicants, mainland students, and students with overseas or sub-degree qualifications.  

Other highlights include mock court experiences at the faculty of law. It's a good chance to learn how the legal system works, and all the different people involved in the process, from lawyers to judges.

If you're thinking about becoming a doctor, you should check out the faculty of medicine. While they won't let you loose on any live patients at the info day, you can see inside human specimen and get plenty of hands-on experience. In past years, they've had even mock surgeries. 

There will even be a CPR demonstration, which is always useful to know, even if you don't plan on becoming a brain surgeon in the future. 

Lingnan University

When: October 24

Forget dull admissions talks and tours, Lingnan wants to give you a taste of what being a university student is actually like. So, instead of general talks, they have organised seminars on current topics, ranging from subjects like the Hong Kong housing market to the politics of international sporting events, so that you can go in and practice being a real university student.

And if you're still at school and not thinking about university for a while yet, you might be interested in watching secondary schools from Tuen Mun and Yuen Long battle it out in a debating competition.

Once you have had enough of debating, you can watch the Jackie Chan Challenge Cup Inter-Collegiate Invitation Tournament - a competition where students from different universities across Hong Kong play against each other at basketball, football and ping pong. 

University of Hong Kong

When: November 7 

What's an information day without some friendly competition? The annual inter-hall cheering competition at HKU will be held at Sun Yat-sen Place. Basically, every student hall demonstrates their "cheering" skills, otherwise known as shouting a chant together as loudly as possible. It's usually a well-rehearsed performance, and it's worth checking out.

But if you can't make it on the day, don't worry. With so many information days out there, you might not be able to make it to them all, but HKU will be broadcasting live webinar sessions.

And if you're still at school, next summer, HKU will offer summer programmes for secondary school students. Form Three to Form Six students can find out more details on the day.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University

When: November 14

Shue Yan doesn't just want to impress you with their courses and facilities; they want to entertain you, too. Student groups will perform on the day, including staging a play in English. Watch out, Shakespeare.

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バーマス 機内持ち込み 液体 http://stanthonyshospital.org/vcciawllze/jnh-870.html