Jumping for joy at Hong Kong’s newest trampoline park

Jumping for joy at Hong Kong’s newest trampoline park

Gravity bringing you down? Then head on over to Bounce for an uplifting experience


YP cadets (L-R) Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari, Millie Dang and Pallas Yiu gets a little jumpy at Bounce.
YP cadets (L-R) Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari, Millie Dang and Pallas Yiu gets a little jumpy at Bounce.
Photo: YP cadet Brandon Han

Our summer was sorely lacking in spring in our steps, but we were in luck when we heard about a new trampoline park! Located in KowloonBay, Bounce’s spacious grounds are a refreshing change from our cramped rooms. We got generous doses of fun and laughter and the rules of gravity were seemingly non-existent.

The five of us cadets – Brandon Han, Millie Dang, Julia Cheung, Pallas Yiu, and Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari – got to visit the trampoline park before its official opening, so some parts of the park were still being built when we were there. However, not even the deafening rumble from the construction could stop us from having a great time!

Even though most of us had played around on trampolines before, it still took a while for us all to adjust to the newly discovered potential in every jump.

The dodgeball courts were where we first subjected our muscles to the beginning of a very strenuous, yet addictive, cardio workout. This area had many smaller trampolines arranged together with padding in between for safety. The trampolines along the outer edges were slanted upwards, so we could jump from an angle. We never thought that trampolining could be such a tiring activity, but it wasn’t long before we found ourselves out of breath and sweating. But the dodgeball courts were merely our warm-up; we had even more extreme surprises coming up!

For our two basketballing cadets, the Slam Dunk was love at first sight. It was an area for jumping off trampolines and dunking like Zach LaVine. Even pocket-sized Pallas managed to eventually get hold of the rim.

“I can finally dunk!” Pallas exclaimed, “I don’t feel so short now!”

After some begging, we finally managed to convince the ballers to move on to The Wall.

(Clockwise from left) YP cadets Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari, Millie Dang, Brandon Han, Pallas Yiu and Julia Cheung.

Tired from dunking and jumping, we took the chance to rest while we watched a spectacular demonstration by Miguel Kong, a member of the Bounce staff. He traversed the multi-level walls as though he were Spiderman, and left us all in awe. Brandon, the athlete among us, managed to learn a couple of tricks, and made everyone feel bad. Even so, it wasn’t very simple for him. “It’s easy to learn, difficult to master,” he said, and he joked to Pallas, “for you, it’s difficult to learn, and difficult to master.”

But while trampolining was thrilling, most of us were still afraid of injuring ourselves with a bad landing or uncontrolled jump. But Bounce had that covered. The Big Bag, a huge inflatable bag that acted as a landing pad, was prepared next to three trampolines that we could freely jump from. At first, we were nervous and unsure about jumping off of the trampolines there; the bag looked so fragile – not an ideal crash landing spot at all!

Brandon was the first cadet brave enough to take the leap of faith. He even tried to do a fancy flip before he landed safely on the bag. Then everyone decided to try it – even our boss, Young Post editor Susan Ramsay, had a go at it! Afterwards, she could only describe her experience with one word: “Wheee!”

We found out that doing a flip on a trampoline is much harder than it looks, even when you have a huge inflatable bag as cushioning.

We leapt to a new high during our two hours at Bounce; when we left, our energy levels plummeted the same way we landed into the Big Bag. And the next morning, we woke up to exhilarating memories, but very sore muscles.


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