DSE invigilators fail at knowing the rules

DSE invigilators fail at knowing the rules

Some liberal studies candidates got a shock when they were told they couldn't use calculators - even though rules said they could

A group of DSE candidates have filed a complaint against invigilators who banned the use of calculators at last week's liberal studies examination.

Last Wednesday, the supervisors told 120 DSE candidates at Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School to put away their calculators before the exam started. Candidates later found that two of the questions on the paper involved analysis that should be done with a calculator.

Hui Shing-yan, a liberal studies teacher at Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School, pointed out that candidates do not need to provide exact figures when explaining trends and data, but candidates are allowed to use calculators.

"Invigilators should know the rules of the examination very well," he said. "There is no excuse for them to make such a mistake."

One of the Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School candidates, surnamed Lau, said the calculations were not complicated but extra time was spent on working out the numbers, leaving her less time to answer the questions.

"After the exam, I looked up the Examinations and Assessment Authority's candidates' handbook. It clearly states that candidates are allowed to use calculators during examinations with the exception of Chinese and English. How could the invigilator make such a mistake? My classmates and I have filed a complaint with the authority," she says.

A spokesman for the authority confirmed that candidates are allowed to use calculators in non-language subjects and they will look into the case to ensure the affected candidates are fairly judged.


This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
DSE invigilators flunk rules test


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