YouTube Announces Top Trending Videos of 2014 in Hong Kong

YouTube Announces Top Trending Videos of 2014 in Hong Kong

While on the MTR, waiting for a friend, (hopefully not) during classes or just chilling at home, most of you have probably spent a sizeable portion of your lives watching videos on YouTube. The video-sharing platform has become a daily necessity for young people to keep up with the daily happenings of the world, whether it is news, music, random videos or original work. Globally, YouTube has over a thousand million users, with a whopping 100 hours of footage being uploaded every minute. Three times as many people have subscribed to a channel, compared with last year. Last week, YouTube released a list of Hong Kong’s 2014 top trending videos. So here’s what most of you have been watching this year:


Current Affairs

Occupy Central has kept us on the balls of our feet for the last couple months, and Apple Daily’s live broadcast of the protests from September 28 to 30 has earned over 3.3 million views. A video showing an anti-Occupy protester sexually harassing a female at Causeway Bay on October 3 also secured a spot on the chart. Satirical videos are also high on demand, as well as a video showing a mainland woman on the MTR shouting “mind your own business” in accented Cantonese, which sounded more like “you thick toast”.


Original Videos

FHproduction’s been producing the most viral original content, with five videos on the top 10 list. Their videos are mostly about the struggles of local youth. Other popular videos portray stereotypes of young people, such as Smilemiann’s Hong Kong girl, China girl, ABC girl. Hong Kong will be destroyed after 33 years, a video with strong political references, also made it to the chart.


Music Videos

To nobody’s surprise, Disney’s sing-along video to Frozen’s Let It Go is the city’s favourite music video, closely followed by Rumours by Pakho Chau. Boy groups Birds of Paradise and FAITH, both formed only in March this year, also produced popular music videos.


K-pop Videos

Girl’s Generation’s Mr.Mr. and PSY’s Hangover featuring Snoop Dogg top the K-pop chart, with Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips following close behind. The Big Bang member is due to tour Hong Kong on January 10 and tickets were sold out the first day they went on sale.  


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YouTube Announces Top Trending Videos of 2014 in Hong Kong | Young Post | South China Morning Post
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YouTube Announces Top Trending Videos of 2014 in Hong Kong | Young Post | South China Morning Post
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