Times Square tragedy: West Island School teen takes own life

Times Square tragedy: West Island School teen takes own life

The 15-year-old student posted a farewell note on Instagram


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Hong Kong police confirmed yesterday that a 15-year-old boy died after falling off Times Square in Causeway Bay on Friday night. The West Island student, who enjoyed producing graffiti and recording himself “rooftopping”, fell into the lobby of the shopping centre.

A witness reported the incident at 10.04pm and the teenager was sent to Ruttonjee Hospital, where he was certified dead at 11pm. Before he fell, the boy left a suicide note on Instagram. He stated that by the time the viewers saw his post, he would be dead.

West Island School spokesman Susanna Chiu said staff are working closely with students, and psychologists will be sent to help anyone in need.

On Sunday, another 15-year-old boy was taken to hospital after he was found hanged in a flat in Yau Tong.

On the same day, politicians and activists gathered outside the Central Government Offices to demand an independent inquiry into the spate of student suicides. They called on the government to stop the controversial TSA and the Basic Competency Assessment tests, saying they put too much pressure on students.

There is help out there if you need to talk:

The Samaritans: 2896 0000
The Samaritan Befrienders: help4suicide.com.hk and a 24-hour hotline: 2389 2222
Suicide Prevention Service: 2382 0000
HKFYG Counselling Service: 2777 8899
HKFYG uTouch Portal: utouch.hk


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Sue Wong


I ask my daughter who's 15 yrs old whether she would like to see the news of the latest suicide of a 15 yrs old student at Times Square, when I saw the comments below. She said, "what kind of logic is that? If I read an article about somebody killing somebody o

Sue Wong


(continue from previous) on the news, will I go to kill someone? If the newspaper praises the killer, then maybe people will aspire to follow suit. But the news report here did not praise the student who committed the suicide. How do we learn about what's happening in the world if we are shielded from "bad" news?" I think this is a fair point, and maybe open to debating among parents/young people/psychologists, etc. I have also heard a friend of mine who does not let her daughter watch the news, because it will frighten her, she explained. Her daughter did not grow up to be a strong, assertive young person, and I wonder whether "shielding" can cause more harm than good. My children watch the news with me and my husband during dinner time, and we discuss world affairs and ethical issues. I think my children are now teenagers with critical minds and can make their own judgements about many issues.

Sarah Wilson


Sue, the key word is 'vulnerable', not the average, right-thinking teen discussing newspaper articles in the middle of the night. Look up 'copycat suicide'. My sister school had a rash of suicides when I was in my senior year, with three kids all ending their lives in quick succession. Parents are not worried that all the children are going to act like lemmings or follow a pied piper, we're worried those that are down might follow suit. As it is, this is the second person to end their life at Times Square this year.

Tess Lyons


YP is not the correct forum for this article, throwing a few random telephone numbers at the bottom is not a help to those contemplating suicide, or is describing a suicidal act in detail. Please remove this post.

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