17-year-old vanishes from Hong Kong International Airport, family reports her missing four days later

17-year-old vanishes from Hong Kong International Airport, family reports her missing four days later


Gurung Chitra is currently missing.
Photo: Hong Kong Police press release

[UPDATE: November 25, 2016]

Gurung Chitra was located on Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok on Thursday morning.

A 17-year-old girl went missing upon arriving at Hong Kong International Airport on November 10. The police are appealing to the public today for information.

Gurung Chitra is described to be "about 1.57 metres tall, 53 kilograms in weight and of normal build". She has shoulder-length straight black and brown hair, and has a tanned complexion.

She landed in Hong Kong from an unknown location on Thursday night and haven't been seen or heard from since. Her family reported her missing to the police four days later on November 14.

A spokesperson for the police told Young Post that they don't have further information at the time this piece was posted.

Anyone who knows her whereabouts or may have seen her is urged to contact the Regional Missing Person Unit of New Territories North on 3661 3085 or 6273 5787 or email to rmpu-ntn-1@police.gov.hk, or contact any police station.

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Robert Jones


It's a very strange thing that her family reported it only four days after she went missing...
Where is she from? Her name sounds Indonesian... I really hope the police will find her soon.
This is great news! I'm really happy to see that now our schools started to care about traditional culture. Myself I'm not a big fan of dancing but I think it's absolutely important to preserve our heritage.


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