Giant python captured at Shek O Beach

Giant python captured at Shek O Beach


You shouldn't mess with pythons! (Note: NOT the snake caught at Shek O.)

A 3.35-metre long female python caused a commotion and was captured at Shek O Beach yesterday morning.

The snake was first spotted by a lifeguard resting next to the lifeguard office 10am. Police were notified and cordoned the area off upon arrival.

A local snake catcher arrived shortly after and captured the python in a canvas bag. The snake was then sent to the Wild Animal Rescue Centre of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden for observation.

A spokeswoman from Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden told Young Post that the female python was returned to the wild today.

The spokeswoman also advises people not to handle the snake yourself should you encounter one.

Instead, stay calm and keep yourself (and your pets, if you're out walking your furry friends) away from it. Move away slowly and keep a safe distance of at least two metres away from the snake. Whether you see a snake in your home or outdoors, and you feel it is a threat to you, call the Hong Kong Police. However, if you see one outdoors, you can also leave it alone to go on its way.

If you are bitten by a snake, move away to avoid being bitten again. Stay calm and seek medical help immediately. Remember to record the time at which you were bitten, and make note of the snake’s appearance. (Different venom from different snakes will require different treatments.) 

Keep the body part that was been bitten at or below heart level. Raising the body part above heart level can make the venom travel through your blood and body more quickly. Clean the wound with water and soap, but don't flush the woud with water. Just enough to clean it will do. Slow down your movements to help reduce your heart rate, and the speed at which the venom moves through your body.

Remember not to suck the venom out of the injured area. You should also not capture the snake, and don’t drink caffeine or alcohol, which can also cause your body to absorb the venom faster.


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