Angry Queen’s College teachers take a stand against principal

Angry Queen’s College teachers take a stand against principal


Queen’s College in Causeway Bay, where teachers are upset with the school’s principal.
Photo: Bruce Yan/SCMP

A group of 20 teachers from Queen’s College announced yesterday that they will hold a protest against Principal Li Sui-wah for the way she handled a staff poll.

According to a Facebook post, the teachers were unhappy when Li rejected the results of a March poll that asked their opinions on how a school grant should be used. When 35 out of 55 teachers voted to employ an assistant education officer for the 2016-17 term, Li ruled out the result and carried out another poll in April.

The post included a letter written by teacher Ho Tat-kei, who had asked the school management committee to investigate the issue. When the committee did not take action, a group of 20 teachers called for a protest, which involved wearing black ribbons and standing silently in the playground.

Speaking to Young Post, Li admitted she could have handled the consultation and communication process better. But she insisted she was open to different opinions and did not intend to change the poll result. A meeting with teachers will be held this week to discuss how the poll was handled.

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Teachers take a stand


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