Three days before Year of the Monkey, golden monkey at Ocean Park dies

Three days before Year of the Monkey, golden monkey at Ocean Park dies

Hu Hu, one of Hong Kong Ocean Park's golden snub-nosed monkey died while undergoing an operation.


Golden monkeys Hu Hu (on the left) and Le Le (on the right) when they first arrived in Ocean Park in 2012.
Photo: Ocean Park

Ocean Park has said that one of its golden snub-nosed monkeys has died. The five-year-old Hu Hu died after she had anaesthetic.

Hu Hu had had a sore shoulder on Tuesday and Ocean Park decided to check it out. To do this they had to give her an anaesthetic to knock her unconscious. Although she regained consciousness after the procedure, she suffered a heart attack and died. The park's vets tried their best but were unable to save her.

Ocean Park's Executive Director of Zoological Operations and Education, Suzanne Gendron said the staff would miss Hu Hu, who had been with them for four years. She was "an important animal ambassador, raising public awareness of the importance of protecting wild golden monkeys and their natural habitats, and helping drive their conservation."


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