A happy home is the key to a beautiful life

A happy home is the key to a beautiful life


The video Inner Us focuses on parent-child relationships.

Classmates may be together for a few years; friends will support each other for decades; family members are there for a lifetime. To have a happy family, communication is the key.

But in my video Inner Us, the mum leaves home early and returns late. She has hardly any time for her son because of her heavy workload. This is actually the story of my life.

My mother started her full-time job when I was in primary school. She works from Monday to Saturday. Recently, she began working as a part-time insurance broker on top of her existing job. So right now, she works on Sunday as well. She has no time for the family and no leisure time for herself. She is too exhausted to even talk to us.

Originally, I planned to shoot a video to highlight the fact that many parents are focused only on a materialistic lifestyle instead of spending time with their children. However, after a discussion with the “Make a Video” trainers, I realised that I have to take the initiative to cultivate a healthy family relationship. So I changed to a story in which the son tries to sell a “Beautiful Life Fund”, a family-relationship investment plan, to his mother. In the end, he persuades her to sign the contract. I hope this video can inspire other people to improve parent-child relationships.

I know that my family is not the only case. Some of my classmates often eat in restaurants. Their parents give them more pocket money than I get. Sometimes, they are generous enough to pay the bill. But do you think they are happy? They seem to be, but they may have regrets in the long term.

Although many parents work hard to help their family live a good life, I would like to tell them not to give up on communication. Apart from a face-to-face chat, WhatsApp is another channel offering instant communication anytime, anywhere. Parents should care more about their children and let them grow up in a happy home.

Unicef HK’s “Make a Video” competition gives young people a chance to express themselves through video. The project is co-organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre’s IVFA, with support from Hang Seng Bank and Young Post. Check out the videos here, and you can email your feedback to edu@unicef.org.hk


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Jason Franklin


Yes, definitely I agreed with the point that family members are there for a lifetime. So, we never deny the importance of family in our life and their contribution and their support. A happy family will make a happy home and happy life; so, we should respect our social boundaries as well as personal life, so that, we can easily get time to spend with our family and share our feelings and emotions with them to create a sweet bonding.

elia jassy