Winter has ended and spring is here! What is your favourite thing about spring?

Winter has ended and spring is here! What is your favourite thing about spring?

Today is the first day of spring, so we asked our readers what they like best about this season. Here are the best answers …

1. Glimmer of hope

Spring represents "hope" to me. In my mind, spring is when cute animals wake up and chase each other, while trees grow taller and taller - what a beautiful picture. It's like everything starts new again in spring. Anything bad or unlucky is washed away by the spring rain, and seeing the beautiful animals and plants makes me feel optimistic. There's even a Chinese encouraging us to "plan your year in spring", which encourages me to think more optimistically and plan for a better year!

Charmaine Ng, 15, Kowloon true Light School

2. Liberty!

The best thing about spring is the freedom - freedom from swimming classes imposed on us at school, freedom from itchy jumpers, freedom from an ever-present biting chill that goes to your very bones. Also, we can eat ice cream again!

Anirudh Kannan, 14, South Island School

3. Take a hike! 

There aren't a lot of places to witness the true natural beauty of spring here in Hong Kong. But that's okay, because the "Goldilocks temperature" has arrived - not freezing cold, but not boiling hot either. It's perfect for a hike in Sai Kung, and there I can witness the true grandeur of the seasonal rejuvenation of the natural world, especially all the beautiful flowers!

Belinda Ng, 15, South Island School

4. Shop till you drop

I'm not much of a fan of spring, since it's the season of fog and wet floors. But there's one thing you can't deny: springtime shopping is the best! I absolutely adore pastel colours, floral patterns and cute cuts, and spring is the perfect season to wear them. Fashion in spring is comfortable, and you rarely find me outside without a pair of jewelled sandals on.

Christy Cheung, 15, St Paul's Co-educational College

5. It's in the air

I love the scent of new grass and flowers, and sound of birds singing and bees buzzing everywhere. I also love the longer hours of daylight, which give me more time to tidy my room!

Kiki Chan Lee-ki, 13, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

6. A light sprinkle

Though many despise the humidity that accompanies this refreshing season, one of my favourite things about spring is the light sprinkles of rain. Droplets drizzle down from clouds, as if the sky is watering the Earth. From root, to shoot, to bud, to plant, all flora flourishes! Spring is the time of the rebirth of nature, of new cycles in life, and of new beginnings.

Kristen Lam, 15, German Swiss International School

7. Outdoorsy type

The climate in spring is the best of the year. Whether it's a picnic, barbecue, cycling or flying a kite, spring gives us the best weather to do fun activities with your family and friends. All sorts of flowers start to blossom, so while you're doing those activities, you've got something beautiful to look at.

Candy Yuen, 14, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

8. So much to look forward to

Spring is the most comfortable season. I can just wear a T-shirt without the need for a jacket which makes me look like a marshmallow. In spring, it's neither too cold nor too hot, so it's easier to wake up in the morning. Plus we have Easter chocolate and Easter holidays to look forward to!

Charmaine Hung, 16, Kowloon True Light School

9. Bright and happy

I absolutely love the fact that spring is such a colourful season! After a long, dull winter, the skies turn blue from grey. The grass turns green, and flowers begin to blossom. Nature is reborn, bringing beautiful colours and a fresh start to our lives!

Joy Pamnani, 16, PLK Ngan Po Ling College

10. Gets better and better

The best thing about spring is that it's just before summer … Ooh, that reminds me! Easter holidays are coming! Spring just got even better!

Liam Fung, 13, Chinese International School

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