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Mary Huen (centre) was a volunteer at the workshop where students learned about money management.
19 Jul 2014 With great power comes great responsibility, and students with summer jobs have more spending power and thus more financial responsibility. Form Four to Six students from Maryknoll Fathers' School attended a financial education workshop which taught them how to manage their new wealth. It was conducted by volunteers from Standard Chartered Bank.
Students who took part in the ESF fundraiser
08 Feb 2014 English Schools Foundation (ESF) students from King George V School, Renaissance College Hong Kong, South Island School and West Island School rocked the stage at Grappa's Cellar last month for a good cause.
Top 10 Bruce Lee_L
19 Jul 2013 July 20 is the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death. As a tribute to Hong Kong's martial arts icon, we asked our readers for their favourite Bruce Lee quote.