Five quick and easy online workouts you can do at home

Five quick and easy online workouts you can do at home

Are you always "too busy to exercise"? Can't fit sport into your schedule? Stop making excuses! YP cadets Natalie Fung and Reece Chiu learn there are plenty of ways to stay fit at home with quick, easy workouts

Many of us always seem to have a reason why we can't exercise. Maybe we're too tired, or don't have enough time. But don't be lazy! Good fitness is a big part of good health. Here are five easy YouTube videos that give you a great workout in less than 10 minutes.

Burn 150 calories in eight minutes

The drill: Nine 45-second exercises including jumping jacks and high-knee hops.

Natalie says: This workout was extremely tiring, but the calorie clock counting down in the corner (above) encouraged me to keep going.

Reece says: The workout started off with vigorous jumping, which I didn't like as I wasn't yet warmed up. But the exercises slowed down after a few minutes. I felt there was too much focus on the legs.

Quick calorie burner

The drill: Five 60-second sessions including push-ups and jumping jacks.

Natalie says: The exercises were varied and innovative. Watching the time and calorie counter count down was really encouraging. The trainer was so energetic, it pushed me to work harder.

Reece says: Although this was the shortest workout we tried, it was also the most demanding. It worked the whole body in a very intensive way. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners!

The scientific seven-minute workout

The drill: Follow the cartoon man (right) through 12 30-second exercises including push-ups and squats.

Natalie says: The 10-second breaks between each routine made the workout much more bearable! The music, which was energetic and varied, paired well with the moves.

Reece says: I found the cartoon man leading the exercises really amusing. The narration was very dramatic, and exercises matched the different songs well, motivating me to work harder.

Quick sweat cardio workout

The drill: Eight 45-second drills including hop squats and burpees.

Natalie says: This workout, which mostly contains jumping and stretching, would be great for people looking for some light and relaxed exercise without sweating too much. But the narration was dull, which really dampened my enthusiasm.

Reece says: This workout was probably the best one in my opinion. I liked that it took the whole body into account, even though the exercises were only moderately paced.

There were also some nice variations on more traditional exercises. For example, the normal squat became a two-hop squat, which sounds complicated but was demonstrated perfectly with a clear explanation.

Jung Da-yeon workout

The drill: Four two-minute exercises, including leg stretches and waist turns (below).

Natalie says: The workout was not too demanding and mainly consisted of stretching and bending. Unlike some of the other workouts, the video really made you feel like part of a group taking part in the routine. If you're looking for a light exercise, this is highly recommended.

Reece says: Despite its slow pace, this was exhausting because many of the poses required excellent balance. The exercises stretched different parts of my body, especially my legs. By the end I even felt like I could jump higher! The music was lively and rhythmic, which made me feel like dancing. All in all, a great workout.

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