App-reciate yourself! Five apps to boost confidence

App-reciate yourself! Five apps to boost confidence

We heart our readers and want you guys to stay safe and happy, no matter what. Next time those grey clouds of doubt and stress linger, these apps might just stop you from feeling down on yourself

I Can Be Confident

The prettiest app on the list, I Can Be Confident gets you feeling calm and positive right from the start with its simple, mandala-like logo. It’s always a boost to hear nice comments, and this app plays meditative messages to gradually build your confidence. Its makers say: “Believing in yourself gives you a more peaceful mind and greater sense of strength.”

Available: iOS – Free

Self Esteem Building Guide

This app is for when you want to feel more confident, but don’t know where to start. Self Esteem Building Guide may not have the flashiest interface, but all the information is arranged neatly in chapters so you can target different problems, for example: “overcoming negative thinking”, “knowing your self worth” or “being optimistic”.

Available: iOS – Free


This is the most fun out of a bunch of rather serious apps. Dive into an underwater adventure where you’re given different scenarios and have to choose the best action to take. A cute matching game helps guide your daily choices and boosts self esteem.

Available: iOS – Free

Exam Stress

Exam season is speeding towards us like a bullet train, so get a handle on the inevitable stress now, to make things easier to manage later. Exam Stress – the app – is divided into three parts: the tools to calm down, advice for oral and written exams, and tools to prevent anxiety, such as techniques to sleep better.

Available: iOS – Free

I am – Daily Positive Reminders

Put a stop to the negative thoughts whizzing around your mind with this simple app that helps build self esteem and change negative thought patterns. Choose from many daily intentions and set reminders to be delivered at strategic points throughout the day.

Available: iOS – Free

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App-reciate yourself! 5 apps to boost confidence


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Norman Horton


To improve our confidence level, we should take preventive steps think positive, and improve our skills. So that, we can easily boost our confidence level. Apart from these, we may follow expert advice and a unique concept mention in this article regarding different types of applications. No doubt technology rules the world and through technology, we are also able to improve our confidence level. Thanks for such wonderful apps.