Kina Grannis is coming to HK and is packing plenty of surprises for her fans

Kina Grannis is coming to HK and is packing plenty of surprises for her fans

Having built her audience through YouTube, singer Kina Grannis entered the music industry fully formed. Candace Kwan steps into her world ahead of her Southeast Asian tour

When Young Post last spoke to Kina Grannis, she was in the middle of promoting her sixth studio album, Elements. With 175 million views and counting on her channel, she is a YouTuber who needs no introduction.

After playing shows across US/Canada and Europe, she is finally headlining her very own tour in Asia. We're happy she saved the best for last!

"I've been dreaming of the Southeast Asia tour. I've only ever played solo shows there, but I feel my new album is really brought to life with the help of my band," says Grannis.

Her husband, Jesse Epstein, aka Imaginary Future, will be opening for her.

The 30-year-old musician will not divulge any of the surprises she has in store, but told us that fans can vote online for the covers and original songs she'll play.

What sets Asian audiences apart is their enthusiasm, she says: "They're not afraid to get excited and be engaged. In the States, audiences can be a little shy and quiet. Asian audiences I've played for feel really alive, really warm and connected."

Despite a lengthy tour, Grannis has stuck to a regular uploading schedule since she started her YouTube Channel nearly eight years ago.

"It can be really quick. Sometimes I shoot on a Saturday and it'll be out by Monday. I spend a day or two sitting with the song, deciding how I want to present it and how I want it to sound."

She says collaborating with fellow YouTubers is a quick process as well.

"It's usually one of us reaching out to another - we all love each other.

"It's like 'hey, you wanna do something?'

"I recently did one with Kurt Hugo Schneider. I came over, we recorded in one day, we shot the next day, and he put it online four days later. "I love it because all the musicians I work with have a different way of working and a different sound. It helps me try out new things."

Kina Grannis is determined to be in command and do things her way

Speaking of trying new things, film-making group Wong Fu Productions gave Grannis the chance to try out her acting chops in the short film Single by 30.

"I think the biggest thing was just getting to know myself by going out of my comfort zone. It felt genuine to connect with another person that way."

Saying that Grannis is busy would be an understatement, so it's understandable that she chose to take a short break in between tours. "I've spend a lot of time with family and friends. It's an entirely different world. It takes a while to adjust back to it. It feels good to be grounded again."

Grannis' school years are behind her, but she does know about balancing commitments and finding her own path. She offered some advice for students: "If you have something you're passionate about, you must try to do it.

"Obviously, putting yourself out there can be a bit scary, and it does take a lot of risk. Even if parents and friends seem a little negative [about] your goals, everyone at some point should put all their energy into focusing on their passion.

"If you can't earn money from it, try to make your passion part of your life anyway."

Another thing that Grannis stresses is the importance of embracing who you are and not being concerned with what other people think. As a public figure, she receives countless comments on almost every aspect of her performance.

"The more you can be okay with who you are, embrace who you are and share that with people, the more happy and connected you feel in life."

Kina Grannis will perform at Kitec on September 20.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
A new kind of pop star


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Kina Grannis is coming to HK and is packing plenty of surprises for her fans | Young Post | South China Morning Post
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Kina Grannis is coming to HK and is packing plenty of surprises for her fans | Young Post | South China Morning Post
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