City University of Hong Kong

As a CityU student found out during a volunteer trip to Malaysia, all it takes is a bit of courage at the beginning.
A memorial in a Kowloon Bay garden remains a symbol of the power of people to enact change, and will be seen by thousands.
Nothing, if you read other books as well. Like food, you need a balanced diet of books.
One CityU student went to the southeastern European country and came back with a new perspective.
The former president used technology to track voter patterns and raise US$1 billion for his campaign.
The interdisciplinary programme at CityU lets students combine science, art and technology with spectacular results.
Survival of the fittest isn’t just confined to biological phenomena; diversity is essential for everything.
What if we could use a system like Uber or to build a ‘solar grid’ for the future?
The courts are able to review the actions of the legislature so there is a balance of power.
Taking a course from another discipline rather than your own can broaden your horizons.