Poems & short stories

Fifteen-year-old Divina Samtani isn’t exactly sure when she first knew she wanted to be a writer one day, but wherever the idea came from, it stuck.
It was the second night that shouting had awoken him. Jack had been fast asleep, wrapped in his dinosaur duvet, when the sound of muffled yells drew him from his dreams.
This story was written by Kylie Leung Wei-nam, 16, a student from Our Lady of the Rosary College.
When his classmates became hooked on a new mobile game, one student thought nothing of it. Then it began to spread across the entire city.
A bizarre incident shows Janice what the best gift in the world is.
In a tough world, everything is a competition.
A Good Hope student and two members of the Hong Kong branch of Pen International talk about why poetry matters to them – and why it should matter to you.
Enter for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch and get your work published in Young Post.
I know you’ve done it, don’t worry I have too. Windows, shiny screens, sometimes even polished silverware allow you to catch a good glimpse of yourself.
A Head Boy who everyone looks up to shares the harsh truths behind his successes and that sometimes, the blood, sweat and tears go unreported.
The wind creaked through the open window and sang me a bitter lullaby. I pulled my thin sheets tighter around me, attempting in vain to block out the icy chill in the air. The slim makeshift bed sheet did nothing to cushion me from the cool hard surface of the bathtub.