They said they are afraid that their children will “acquire incorrect values” and eventually “grow up gay”.
The controversy continues at the University of Hong Kong after the rejection of Johannes Chan Man-mun’s appointment as pro-vice-chancellor by the HKU council.
The average Chinese student scores higher on standardised tests compared to the average American, but does this mean they will end up becoming CEOs?
Selfie-taking is popular with teenagers and even adults around the world, but it should be regulated in some places.
I have to say that if I can stand for election at 18, I will jump at the chance. Firstly, I think it would be a rare chance for a teenager to learn more about Hong Kong’s legislature.
Hongkongers’ unhappiness has a great deal to do with our overly competitive mindset. We love to compare ourselves to, and beat other people all the time. We always strive to be faster and better.
The article entitled “Hong Kong: a city drowning in its own unhappiness?” (SCMP, September 6, 2015) draws our attention to a sad but true fact that a lot of Hongkongers fail to see.
Education has changed a lot in recent decades. However, these were all surface changes that would be a shallow curve on a graph. True innovation never occurred.
I don't like Financial Secretary John Tsang. It's not because he hasn't accepted my friend request on Facebook - that's a different story - but because he and his best mate, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, have not addressed the needs of the people.
My mother is now working part-time in a primary school, helping ethnic minorities with their homework. Not for the first time, she says that these kids are struggling under the Hong Kong education system.
Hong Kong's move to phase out the ivory trade is widely welcomed by citizens and campaigning groups. It is hoped the historic act will put a damper on rampant elephant poaching across Africa.