Failure by the Trump administration to prevent a climate change lawsuit from going to trial shows that people can sue the government over their constitutional right to a healthy environment.
Back in October 2014, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying mentioned that some sectors, such as sport, do not “contribute to the economy”.
This year’s superhero movies show an obvious trend. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War both swap traditional hero-villain dynamics for heroes fighting each other.
Twenty-six years ago, the world called time on the international trade in elephant ivory, after it had halved African elephant populations within 15 years.
Watching officials scurrying around trying to find a solution to the awful problem of teen suicides points to how out of touch they are with Hong Kong’s youth.
China’s environmental problems are causing significant health and economic issues for the country. Coal burning is having a serious impact on people’s health.
A 7.3 earthquake hit Japan on April 16, causing chaos on the streets of Kumamoto. It left 48 dead, two missing, 3,129 injured, and 200,000 people homeless, forcing them to take refuge in emergency shelters.
Local secondary schools have received a HK$500,000 grant for career and life planning for almost two years now. But disappointingly, the primary use of it has not been in line with the EDB's blueprint.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has closed down opposition newspapers, named Nazi Germany as an example of “effective governance”, and used taxpayers’ money to build a 1,000-room palace for himself.
Hong Kong prides itself as an international city, but many Hongkongers’ behaviour seems to be at odds with this reputation.
Our public health care system is a nightmare. Having to wait for three hours to be seen by a doctor is preposterous, and doctors having to work 30-hour shifts is just as shocking, if not inhumane.