Failure by the Trump administration to prevent a climate change lawsuit from going to trial shows that people can sue the government over their constitutional right to a healthy environment.
Only one out of five candidates from the alliance of Civic Passion, Proletariat Political Institute and the Hong Kong Resurgence Order managed to win a seat in New Territories West.
With green pools, falling TV cameras, and an overall sense of disorder in Rio, the 2016 Olympics still managed to celebrate the diverse talents of athletes.
Hong Kong is slowly inching its way towards “Singaporisation”. This is no statement of joy, because I’m not talking about Singapore’s affordable housing or high-tech industry.
Watching anyone older than 30 listen to a group of teenage girls chatting is an interesting thing – their heads spin around after the fifth use of the word “like”.
When people talk about Singapore, they often talk about their housing or education policies, where basically everyone can afford their own apartment and their children are fluent in English.
A huge roof above a sports centre at City University collapsed on May 20. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.
Maternity discrimination is rather unheard of in Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Most people don’t think about it because they figure there are laws in place to stop any prejudices, but the reality is very different.
Recently, a local girl was found guilty on two counts of physical assault. The girl reportedly lost control and lashed out at a male classmate who had been bullying her for being fat for a long time.
Zhang Dejiang’s three-day visit to Hong Kong was useless, and to be frank, that’s putting it mildly. When he arrived, he claimed that he had “come to see, to listen and to speak”.
Ever since the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalise gay marriage, conservatives across the country have resisted the ruling by refusing to issue marriage licenses and other marital services to gay couples.