We’re rage junkies. It’s not enough to roll our eyes at a thing we don’t like. We have to find the thing and taunt it, tease it, torture it, like a bunch of bullies in a high school cafeteria
It’s always difficult to report on suicide, and even more so when it involves children or teenagers. If you tell someone from outside Hong Kong that a 12-year-old killed themselves, they don’t believe you.
Abolishing the TSA isn’t going to do much, because it was just a rather handy scapegoat to put all of our blame on.
The Tertiary-wide System Assessment (TSA) was created to assess the performance of schools. It allows people to be able to gauge, across the board, the quality of a particular institution and helps provide insights into them for secondary school admission officers. You can, therefore, know with...
One of the most frustrating things about living in Hong Kong has been my struggle to speak Cantonese.
I really like museums. You don’t just get to admire famous paintings and sculptures, you get to learn about history in a much more interesting and fun way than in class.
After the US presidential elections had concluded, president-elect Donald Trump spoke on the phone to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, breaking decades of US policy in Asia.
The actions taken by US president-elect Donald Trump have infuriated China.
2016 has been a terrible year. Nobody would blame you if you agreed with that statement.
Political leaders across the West piously lined up last week to say the fall of Aleppo as a stain on our collective conscience.
HSBC is accused of destroying the family unit and offending the entire population of Hong Kong… by displaying rainbow-coloured lion statues outside their headquarters.