They said they are afraid that their children will “acquire incorrect values” and eventually “grow up gay”.
Localism is gaining momentum in Hong Kong – as can be seen by the fact that there are now six localist candidates in the Legislative Council.
Crystal Fung Ying-ying was crowned Miss Hong Kong earlier this month and is already under fire for swearing on Facebook two years ago.
After the Berlin State Election on Sunday, it seems unlikely that any of the leaders of the countries in the European Union will get a good night’s sleep for the next couple of days.
Yes, it is just "more pressure" but as this article explains, if you don't do the test, you don't count!
I was born in Hong Kong, and lived here 24/7, 365 days of the year until I went to university in Britain. I hold a permanent Hong Kong ID card and can live and work here indefinitely.
The 2016 Legco election had a record-breaking turnout rate of 58 per cent. Though we should celebrate the public’s political engagement, we should also take this time to reflect if the electoral system is fair.
Only one out of five candidates from the alliance of Civic Passion, Proletariat Political Institute and the Hong Kong Resurgence Order managed to win a seat in New Territories West.
With green pools, falling TV cameras, and an overall sense of disorder in Rio, the 2016 Olympics still managed to celebrate the diverse talents of athletes.
Hong Kong is slowly inching its way towards “Singaporisation”. This is no statement of joy, because I’m not talking about Singapore’s affordable housing or high-tech industry.
Watching anyone older than 30 listen to a group of teenage girls chatting is an interesting thing – their heads spin around after the fifth use of the word “like”.