We’re rage junkies. It’s not enough to roll our eyes at a thing we don’t like. We have to find the thing and taunt it, tease it, torture it, like a bunch of bullies in a high school cafeteria
While we can always blame the education system, why don’t we learn how to handle students with mental health issues?
The pro-establishment camp has criticised the recent ruling by District Court judge David Dufton, who sent seven police officers to jail for assaulting activist Ken Tsang.
Despite the uproar caused by the ruling against the seven police officers, Hong Kong’s independent judiciary remains a beacon for the mainland.
As much as I understand where people who support the legalisation of euthanasia are coming from, I, to a large extent, believe that doctors should not play God.
US President Donald Trump once claimed to accept the election results only if he won, receiving criticism from Democrats Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and even fellow Republicans like John McCain.
I believe that the ‘gig’ economy has an overall beneficial impact on the economy and people’s quality of life.
Youngspiration pair Sixtus Baggio Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching became the centre of attention because of their oath-taking saga at the end of last year.
Hong Kong domestic helpers have had to live with their employers since 2003. However, a foreign domestic helper who claims to have been abused by her employer is now challenging the law.
Installing surveillance cameras on campus is not right. There are other ways to raise teaching standards at Sun Yat-sen University.
This past month, Hong Kong was tormented by reports of incoming winds from China, carrying not good luck or prosperity to start the year with, but smog.