MANY of our opinion writers have expressed their feelings about the hot-button issue of sexual harassment. We’ve changed the format this week so that all of them can have their say.
In order to keep our city’s economy on the up and up, we need to expand the tax base, not increase stamp duties.
There is no need for the type of politics that has betrayed working people and increased wealth inequality.
Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s tree-pruning operation that killed egret chicks is an illegal activity.
Although it is true that a “love of our homeland” can encourage collective action when facing challenges, it may not be a practical solution to the city’s many problems.
America taking a back seat on environmental issues isn’t the end of the world but rather a new dawn.
One marked difference that I have noticed between Hong Kong and the United States is the social atmosphere in public. In Hong Kong, people are generally much “colder”, in that they don’t often engage strangers in conversation, or show much emotion.
On May 24, Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled that homosexual marriage will be recognised in the island. This made Taiwan the first Asian place to legalise homosexual or same-sex marriage.
There’s been a lot of discussion about gender stereotypes and tropes – and that’s been in part thanks to films like romantic comedy Love off the Cuff and shows like My Unfair Lady on TVB.
A mercy release is when you free an animal back into the wild rather than killing it. What many people don’t know is that the impact on the environment and the released animal in question can be devastating.
From white supremacists to Hong Kong’s separatists, nationalism has long been associated with the irrational hatred of outsiders and the irrational love for one’s homeland.