Letters to the editor

Instead of asking who, out of young people and adults, have more to deal with, we should be asking what the best way is for everyone to deal with their problems and stress.
I think overprotective parents are bad for children's development.
A black man was killed by a white policeman in America in August. There were lots of protests and riots because of it, which created a very tense atmosphere.
There is a lot of political tension between Hong Kong and the mainland. Knowing what happened in the past is essential if we want to understand the present and ensure a better future.
Many Hongkongers have pets, but last year more than 3,000 animals were put to sleep because there was no one to care for them. 
Newly appointed Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo.
Hong Kong has a new police commissioner. He was nominated by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, but we don't know much about Stephen Lo Wai-chung.
A worker dries shark fins in a fishing port in Indonesia.
I went out with my relatives for dinner recently and I saw that the main course was a dish made of shark fin.
Photo: Reuters
A recent study showed that number of eating disorders is increasing drastically in Hong Kong.
Although the government is keen to help ex-prisoners reintegrate into society, some people are still reluctant to accept them.
The Hong Kong police plans to buy three water cannon at a cost of HK$27 million, according to a newspaper report.
Living in a materialistic city like Hong Kong, people are all working at fever pitch just to earn a living.