UNICEF invites secondary school students to create a one-minute video on the theme ‘I am ME’ for its annual contest.
The Five People You Meet in Heaven,“Everyone appears in your life for a reason.” Everyone around me influences my life ,but speaking of the man who inspires me the most, I would assuredly say —my beloved Grandpa.
He’s a friend of mine, my role model. He has not only been my friend, but also a father and a brother.
To celebrate Brovember, I’ll be writing about the most influential teacher of my life (so far), and the person who I’ve had the privilege to grow up with: my dad.
My first male figure is actually a guy who sits in front of a camera and talks. He is also the one who deeply impacted my life in different ways. His name is Connor Franta.
Why should I choose a fictional superhero as a role model when my father blessed my life disguised as one?
As humans, we’re judged according to our genders. All over the world, men are viewed on a different level than women.
The person who inspires me most is my friend Jeffrey Andrews.
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In celebration of Brovember, we want to know about the men you look up to – and you could win an awesome prize.
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