All the grades for my final exam have been released, and that marks the end of my third year at the University of Toronto. It also means that I only have one year left before I leave this place behind and start a new chapter of my life.
An eye-catching creation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama
I believe in getting to learn the story behind each piece of art I like. That way I can also learn about myself - and I am keen to share my findings with others.
Letters Isabel Chatterbox_L
When you go abroad for your studies, you come to like chatting even more. Yes, I know that many youngsters who stay at home love chatting, too.
In Britain, students lead less stressful lives than those in Hong Kong.
Every student knows that exam time is when we get cooped up at home (or in halls, like me) or at the library - snacking, and wishing you had started studying ...
Alex Wong goes punting on the River Cam, in Cambridge.
After feeling far too nostalgic about England, I decided that a reading week (without any readings) was probably the best time to revisit the "fantasyland".
Seeing Grace was great - but I should've been studying.
It might be May right now, but it feels more like mayhem! The realisation that I have fewer than 20 class days left this year has just sunk in. It has become shockingly ...
Letters Ben Winkie_L
Every January, in the second of the three terms of the school year, the season starts for Winchester College Football. To outsiders, this may not seem particularly special.
Warwick University's student union offers social life that can affect a final decision.
By now, wannabe British university students have received decisions and offers based on last year's ...
Author and playwright Frank Chin.
Writing this is a cruel, cruel reminder that spring break is over, and has been for a few weeks already. Spring break was glorious ...
Gaudi's colourful Casa Batllo is built without any straight lines at all.
There are many perks to studying in the UK - my favourite being its closeness to Europe and all its wonders. I took advantage of this and spent a few ...
Isabel Lai bids farewell at last month's AGM.
Last month I had the pleasure of participating in the annual general meeting (AGM) of Durham University Hong Kong Society. The AGM reviews achievements ...