Primary school students swap textbooks for golf clubs to learn STEM at the Sha Tin academy.
According to a public opinion poll released on Tuesday, two of Hong Kong’s most recently disqualified pan-democratic lawmakers are ranked among the city’s best performers in the Legislative Council.
Ever felt like grades were at the centre of your existence? ICHK has introduced a teaching tool that encourages students to worry less about grades and focus on their attitudes towards learning.
As you prepare for this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair, here are some interesting facts about the annual exhibition that most people aren’t aware of.
King George V School students Aika Hui (left) and Audrey Yick, with teacher Mark Poulsum
Fair trade has been promoted in Hong Kong for years, but for some students, it is still a foreign concept...
People gather at Stonehenge, in Britain, to celebrate this year's summer solstice, which dates back thousands of years
Last week, thousands of people around the globe celebrated the summer solstice, which marks the start of summer and the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere...
Betty Li collected almost HK$3,000 for charity.
We might not think about our hair much, but it can serve a meaningful purpose for cancer patients...
Claudia Lo Wai-yu (above left) and Tommy San Chun-yin used a mobile phone application to promote a charity trek
When Island School student Claudia Lo Wai-yu entered a competition to create a marketing plan for a charity organisation, she knew she was in for a one-of-a-kind experience...
Ho chi minh_L
The father of modern Vietnam spent most of his early adult life travelling before returning home to lead the independence movement
(From left) Jacky Cho, Jeanno Cheung,  Divine Fung, Ngai Ka-kit and Billy Ho  were among the teams that made it to the semi-finals of the Imagine Cup competition.
Like many young people today, Jeanno Cheung Chin-long and his classmates grew up with computer games. Knowing how to beat enemies in Warcraft is almost second nature...
Green zone_L
It's no secret what happens to uneaten food we throw into rubbish bins - it ends up in the city's landfills...
The grey whale seen off the coast of Israel. It was the first time one of the mammals had been seen outside the Pacific Ocean in about 300 years
A grey whale has made an appearance in the Mediterranean, and scientists think climate change may be to blame for the whale getting lost...
Tsang Tsz-fung  says muay thai changed his life.
At night, it's common to see teenagers linger on the streets of Hong Kong, not wanting to go home. They are often frustrated, bored and angry, and could easily try drugs or start fights...
Anders Solum may not be a household name, but he is the king of freestyle football. Give him a ball and he'll do tricks that will blow your mind...