The NBA is back with a bang after a drama-filled opening night.
Ten outstanding young Hong Kong footballers have earned a trip to the world-renowned Manchester United training grounds in Britain in August.
Sixteen-year-old Mima Ito relinquished a 2-0 lead against 2014 and 2015 world junior champion Wang Manyu, bowing out of the Japan Open in the women’s singles quarter-finals on Saturday.
2014 World Cup champions Germany choosing to rest key players tips the scales for Portugal.
The high jump isn’t just about how far you can get your feet off the ground — it’s an exact science. Athletes must clear the bar, which is usually at least 2.3 metres tall, without knocking it, a feat which is both technically challenging and physically demanding.
They say defence is key to the success or failure of a team. For the Hong Kong women’s national ice hockey team, that responsibility falls to goalkeeper Sumi Chau Nga-sze.
The Under-21s European Championship begins midnight tonight, with an expanded 12 teams participating this season. Hosted by Poland, football fans will have the chance to cast their eyes on the sport’s next biggest stars as they prepare to showcase why they deserve a nod in the senior squad.
Chinese President Xi Jinping told FIFA boss Gianni Infantino he hoped the Asian nation could host a World Cup “in the future”, the world soccer governing body said on Wednesday, after the two met in Beijing.
The 25-year-old Hong Kong Baptist University graduate might have taken the top spot at the East Asian Championships last month, but she’s not just stopping there.
The Hong Kong golfing sensation talks about aiming for a back-to-back Hong Kong Ladies Open trophy, turning professional, and dedication to the sport.
Ever whizzed through a race on your PlayStation or Xbox and thought, “I reckon I could do the real thing”? Well, now’s your chance. The racing industry is looking to the new generation of gamers as one of its primary sources of future racing drivers.