Tiffany Chan Tsz-ching remains focused on her goal of reaching the top-level LPGA Tour, but the Hong Kong professional is “taking it one shot at a time” despite last week’s stunning Symetra Tour debut following a “perfect round”.
Ying Wa College’s handball stars and twin brothers deny they can read each other’s minds. But when they play for the same team, they can be a powerful force.
After an injury last September kept her off the ice for months, Nicole Chan Tsin-nam, 14, thought she’d never be able to skate again, let alone compete.
The 18-year-old says that his success in leading the DBS team to victory lies in quick attacks and backward flight.
Hong Kong’s “Wonder Kid” Rex Tso Sing-yu will have to wait a bit longer to earn a world title fight. His latest opponent was announced on Sunday as the main event for “Clash of Champions 2”.
Hong Kong sports stars, such as boxer Rex Tso Sing-yu and golfer Tiffany Chan Tsz-ching, aren’t just inspirations for local teens, they’re also role models for young athletes beyond our borders.
When a frisbee comes flying towards her, Megan Daly has milliseconds to process how she’ll catch it, and where she’ll send it spinning onwards to her teammate.
The champ is looking forward to being back in the limelight as she takes on Taiwan’s Jenny Huang in Bangkok in March.
Local windsurfer Cheng Ho-yin came home with a bronze medal in the RS:One Men’s division at the 2017 RS:One Asian Championships in Singapore on Sunday.
Sometimes, friends will ask Evie Ng why she likes running so much. The punishing training required to compete at a high level would put many off athletics but for Evie, running is therapy.
Local team captain says that by qualifying, Hong Kong’s girls have demonstrated how it should be done.