British racing star Dan Wells moved to Hong Kong in April, 2012, with no money and no income – just the dream of becoming a professional race car driver.
Lydia Chan and Stephen Cheung have studied kendo for two years.
Kendo, or the "way of the sword" - the Japanese martial art of sword-fighting - is thriving in Hong Kong. The sport originated among the samurai, or military ...
Peter Pong Yoyo_L
To the majority of Hongkongers a yo-yo is just a toy. But when the toy gets into Peter Pong Si-yee's hands, you can see just how versatile it can be.
Dickson Chow is determined to win Hong Kong's overall 3m springboard diving title on Sunday.
Dickson Chow Ho-wing has used disappointments to keep on improving as a diver. Despite the setbacks, including niggling injuries caused by overtraining ...
Ryan Ng and Jeff Cheung are bright lights in Hong Kong's canoe squad.
Canoeing, or kayaking, has been an Olympic event since 1936. But in Hong Kong - despite China's traditional interest in dragon boat racing - canoeing has ...
Matthew Pang is an all-round athlete who competes in athletics, football, basketball and volleball, but he excels at the long jump and triple jump.
A mistake can develop into a disaster, but in the case of 19-year-old Matthew Pang Ying-kit, it led him towards a successful career in sports.
Figure skater Harry Lee performs a jump at the Glacier ice rink in Kowloon Tong.
Falling on the ice hurts. But the pain hasn't scared figure skater Harry Lee Hau-yin away from the sport. Falls encourage him to seek perfection in upcoming ...
Hong Kong Team gymnast Angel Wong Hiu-ying has qualified for the Olympics and wants to develop her own look.
Angel Wong Hiu-ying, the first women's gymnast from Hong Kong to qualify for the Olympic Games, will be hoping to make a fashion statement when she competes ...
At 18, angler Ronald Chow is already writing his own fishing column in a magazine.
Think of fishing and you may well think it's only a question of patience as you sit waiting ... and waiting for a fish to bite. But 18-year-old Hongkonger ...
Jessica Ching is juggling Olympic Games training with degree studies at an American university.
Athlete Jessica Ching Siu-nga, 24, knows all about being a pace ahead of everyone else. But lately, something else has added a spring to her step: the ...
Kitchee's Robson Leung is focusing on one goal for now - achieving success as a professional footballer.
The last words that Robson Leung Ka-hai's Brazilian grandmother said to him before she died still fill his mind. "Are you grown up enough to meet life's challenges?"