British racing star Dan Wells moved to Hong Kong in April, 2012, with no money and no income – just the dream of becoming a professional race car driver.
What would happen if you spun around more than 30 times in a minute? “You’d probably vomit or get dizzy. But most freestyle skaters have become used to spinning, as their coaches won’t allow them to stop,” says local roller-sports star Ben Lo Ng-shuen.
You could be the most technically gifted figure skater in the world, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re missing that artistic flare. Thankfully, Maisy Ma Hiu-ching is a natural talent who mesmerises her audience every time she steps onto the ice.
Interested in trying the sport? Here are some tips.
Forget bulky scuba equipment; you can enjoy the deep blue sea in much simpler ways.
Sharpening skills and strengthening muscles the key for 15-year-old Katii Tang Tsoi-lam, who has set her sights on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Whether he’s launching his boat from the deserts of Dubai, sailing across the glittering seas of Thailand, or bracing himself against the gusty Scottish winds, Douglas Leung always has his game face on.
Heep Yunn star hopes to retain the ‘Grand Slam’, and has set her sights on representing Hong Kong at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.
Edgar Cheung Ka-long entered the arena for the World Cup in St Petersburg, Russia feeling like a small fish in a big pond, but came away confident he was no longer a minnow.
Kitchee right-winger Sebastian Buddle still can’t believe what he and his teammates had to deal with late last year. “I was born and raised in HK so it was upsetting to be labelled as a ‘foreign’ player,” mused Sebastian.
Four of Hong Kong’s brightest tennis talents - Tim Gauntlett, Coleman Wong, Sheena Karrasch and Kelly Leung -have earned their place in the UK HSBC National Finals to be held at Wimbledon later this year.