If you think your football skills are good enough to impress overseas university scouts, make sure you’re free on March 27.
Renelle Yuen went from having never played ice hockey, to being a professional referee and a member of the Hong Kong national team within a year.
The 2.06m big man will suit up for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls and is raring to test himself against ex-NBAers like Brandon Jennings and Luis Scola.
DBS and DGS emerged victorious again, and Young Post asked team captain Marie Lok about why their team is so successful.
After earning a full sports scholarship to the University of California Irvine in the US, he tells Young Post that you can never stop improving.
Several records were also broken, with La Salle standout Marcus Mok setting new times at the 200m breaststroke and 100m backstroke.
The KGV student tells us about the many things to keep track off during a race and why he's so passionate about the sport.
The NBA is back with a bang after a drama-filled opening night.
Hong Kong’s star triathlete Chelsea Hung Cheuk-yi is battling her eating disorder one step, pedal and stroke at a time.
Wong says strategic elements come into play at the higher levels and also advises young athletes to take good care of their bodies to prevent injuries.
Wong Wai-yee’s unique story is an inspiration to all young female footballers. After making the Hong Kong national team at just 16 years old, Wai-yee was well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a professional football player.