If you think your football skills are good enough to impress overseas university scouts, make sure you’re free on March 27.
The 17-year-old is the captain of the South Island School (SIS) team, and plays for Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) and the Hong Kong under-20 squad with no plans of slowing down.
When Coleman Wong, a 13-year-old Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS) student, isn’t serving aces and playing volleys, he is unfazed by the pressure of being Hong Kong’s biggest tennis prodigy.
Despite having only seriously trained for a couple of years, Oriane Guillot is arguably one of Hong Kong’s best young swimmers.
Hong Kong hurdling champion Vera Lui Lai-yiu became the highest-profile local figure to join the global “Me Too” movement after claiming she was sexually assaulted by a coach 10 years ago.
Advice could prove crucial as Diocesan Boys’ School take on La Salle College in the Interschool Tennis Final and aim for 19th straight title.
According to Hong Kong’s star triathlete Oscar Coggins, you needn’t sacrifice your grades to become a great athlete.
Use public playground equipment as your own personal gym as you work up to moves such as the human flag, planche and superman pushup.
The HKU psychology student puts her book knowledge to good use by drawing on psych concepts to help her stay focused during competitions.
If you’re a thrill-seeking, adventure-loving, all-round sports lover, then read on – we’ve had a look at the best brotastic activities you can do in HK.
The Kellett student has only been in Hong Kong for a few months, but has already been made vice captain of his school team.