Hong Kong’s sharpest athletes will be on show at the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s.
The 10 year old Laura Bennett has always loved animals, but found there weren’t many places she could interact with large animals in Hong Kong – until she discovered horse riding.
Diocesan Girls’ School (DGS) athletics team co-captain Gianne Mak Tsz-yan, 16, recalls an unforgettable moment when she was the school’s junior javelin thrower.
Accuse Miriam Cheng Min-chen of “playing like a girl”, and she’ll hit back with a defiant “But I am a girl!” This 12-year-old squash player has no patience for sexist goading.
So Kwun-wai led his team to win the Nike All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament against Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS) on February 5
“Some people get involved in sports to have fun or stay healthy. But for me, badminton is a family tradition,” says 17-year-old Christy Pang.
Ying Wa College’s handball stars and twin brothers deny they can read each other’s minds. But when they play for the same team, they can be a powerful force.
After an injury last September kept her off the ice for months, Nicole Chan Tsin-nam, 14, thought she’d never be able to skate again, let alone compete.
The 18-year-old says that his success in leading the DBS team to victory lies in quick attacks and backward flight.
Hong Kong’s “Wonder Kid” Rex Tso Sing-yu will have to wait a bit longer to earn a world title fight. His latest opponent was announced on Sunday as the main event for “Clash of Champions 2”.