The Portland Trail Blazers' point guard and part-time rapper says that becoming a successful basketball player isn't just about talent.
The Under-21s European Championship begins midnight tonight, with an expanded 12 teams participating this season. Hosted by Poland, football fans will have the chance to cast their eyes on the sport’s next biggest stars as they prepare to showcase why they deserve a nod in the senior squad.
Chinese President Xi Jinping told FIFA boss Gianni Infantino he hoped the Asian nation could host a World Cup “in the future”, the world soccer governing body said on Wednesday, after the two met in Beijing.
The 25-year-old Hong Kong Baptist University graduate might have taken the top spot at the East Asian Championships last month, but she’s not just stopping there.
The Hong Kong golfing sensation talks about aiming for a back-to-back Hong Kong Ladies Open trophy, turning professional, and dedication to the sport.
Ever whizzed through a race on your PlayStation or Xbox and thought, “I reckon I could do the real thing”? Well, now’s your chance. The racing industry is looking to the new generation of gamers as one of its primary sources of future racing drivers.
The imminent closure of a table tennis training centre in an industrial building in Tai Wai has sparked concerns from players and coaches, who have called on the government to find a proper space to train future athletes.
To be victorious in table tennis you need more than a powerful serve and snappy spin. But while most athletes focus only on their paddle play, Diocesan Boys’ School’s Kelvin Lau told us what goes on below the table can determine whether you win a match or not.
The best rhythmic gymnasts must strike a balance between displaying precise coordination and fluid expression during their performances. It isn’t easy – but Sun Yi Ali certainly makes it look like it is.
Want a new challenge this summer? Make the most of the seas surrounding Hong Kong and take to the water. We gathered our favourite water sports, and some places to learn how it’s done.
Being able to do a few keepy-uppies with a football is impressive enough, but what if you could do it – while skipping – in front of professional footballers from the English Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur?