Special reports

I have always thought how awesome it is that students are able to visit untouched sites on an art and science research expedition to find new ways to understand climate change. Out of the blue, I was selected to join the diving team on the coral triangle expedition.
Volunteering abroad is when soul-searching takes place on a foreign soil. I spent this summer volunteering with the Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO) in Cape Town, South Africa.
It takes more than just talent to win the performing arts award. You also have to brave the spotlight and impress the judges at a live event.
This year’s Student of the Year is a clash of the titans, with such an extraordinary calibre of students that even seasoned judges have to pause and debate who should receive first place.
Winning the Student of the Year-Sportsperson award takes zeal, commitment and sportsmanship. But the final judging comes when the students are called upon to demonstrate their success and dedication to their chosen sport.
When you have an idea and don't want others to be able to steal it and call it theirs, intellectual property law can help.
"Mr. Che Chan, is that correct?" I watch the coordinator typing, and I wonder how many times I have heard my name uttered that way.
To encourage students to discover and spread inspiring stories, BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited (BOCG Life) has set up the BOCG Life Young Anchor Programme 2015.
Not all CityU students started their semester as usual. The following reports provide a glimpse into their experiences.
The judges of the South China Morning Post Student of the Year, Community Contributors, see a lot of talented students, but the competition this year is tougher than ever.