Special reports

When you hear about an internship abroad, are you eager to strive for a life-changing experience, or do you fear change?
To encourage students to discover and spread inspiring stories, BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited (BOCG Life) has set up the BOCG Life Young Anchor Programme 2015.
Not all CityU students started their semester as usual. The following reports provide a glimpse into their experiences.
The judges of the South China Morning Post Student of the Year, Community Contributors, see a lot of talented students, but the competition this year is tougher than ever.
The Community Contributor category of SOTY is always a hotly contested division because so many Hong Kong students do so much to help others that it’s hard to pick a winner.
Stories are the way to stand out, says one the judges of the Student of the Year (SOTY) – Sportsperson award.
As the Student of the Year competition ramps up to find the best visual artists, Young Post sat down with two of the judges to reflect on the state of the arts in Hong Kong.
Being an artist takes more than just talent. To really excel, you need to constantly be practising, learning and improving. This is a process previous finalists of Student of the Year Visual Artist award know all too well.
Motion sickness includes car sickness, sea sickness, dizziness from spinning, and more. I have suffered from car sickness since I was a child, so I decided to find out why.
Lots of students have volunteer experience, so how can you stand out to become Student of the Year - Community Contributor? Let it be from your heart.
You have attitude? That may not be a bad thing. If it's confidence, not arrogance, it's likely what's going to get you noticed!