Special reports

Actors just talk and walk and sometimes they do both things at the same time. But most people can do that. The difference is that actors have to use imagination and empathy to put themselves into somebody else’s shoes and become that person in a given situation.
3D printers has already boosted the research process of many projects, in areas as diverse as bioengineering, electronic engineering and Chinese architectural study.
Nine teams took part in the 14th annual BOCI-Prudential Asset Management 2016 HKAHC Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament. The action went down at Mega Ice in Megabox from September 16-18.
There are lots of electric wheelchairs on the market, but they all share one characteristic – they’re expensive.
 Have you ever wondered why so many companies want to offer you “membership” to their special loyalty “club”?
Beware of hackers who are trying to kidnap computer files. Such crimes have greatly increased in recent months, statistics show.
For some people, a day without their cell phone would be a nightmare.
A new scholarship aimed at attracting high-performing students has been launched by City University of Hong Kong (CityU).
Life is short and precious. Yet for some reason we spend a huge amount of time doing things we dislike.
Air quality is an ongoing concern in Hong Kong, especially for people who live, work or walk near heavily congested streets.
On January 24, 2016, temperatures in Hong Kong fell to 3.3 degrees Celsius in some urban areas, and below freezing in the mountains.