Special reports

Success didn’t come to this year’s SOTY winners overnight. Here are the stories of hard work and dedication behind the prizes.
Barry Li says modern language is losing its romanticism.
Lots of people in Hong Kong can speak well, but that's not all it takes to win the Student of the Year - Linguist award.
Students enjoyed a tour inside a branch of Bank of China (Hong Kong) located in the Bank of China Tower in Central.
To provide students in Hong Kong with an opportunity to explore the world and sharpen their writing skills, BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited (“BOCG Life”) collaborated with Young Post in launching a two-day Young Reporter Programme in November.
48 students with the senior executives from BOCG Life, Terry Lo, Ellick Tsui, Kialy Lo in the Young Reporter Programme.
BOCG Life collaborated with Young Post to launch a Young Reporter Programme. Writers of the five best entries were awarded winners, and here are their winning pieces.
Dr Kim Mak (left) and Cliff Buddle are the judges to impress in the Student of the Year - Community Contributor award.
Many students are trying to build a better Hong Kong, but to bring home the Student of the Year - Community Contributor award, what do judges value the most?
Despite the enjoyment of playing games with people around the world, the way the game server collects players' data can leave you wide open to hackers.
Vanessa Lai  receives her South China Morning Post Student of the Year award from the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Kim Mak.
Vanesse Lai Yuet-chi believes that every dedicated volunteer has an unforgettable moment that inspires them to keep going. She found her moment in Wenchuan, Sichuan .
Humanity, if you're looking for someone to blame for the ever-shrinking population of the striped king of cats worldwide, just hold up a mirror
Cherry in London
I am a final-year student at City University majoring in global business systems management. I would say I am extremely lucky to be admitted to this programme because of the opportunities available. I have had the best two years in my life.
Since our ancestors first began to draw on cave walls, visual arts have been an important part of human culture. Visual arts can serve as a record and reflection of history, or offer insights into our own time and society. The artwork is intricately tied to the communities around the artist.
Ashley with her winning work. Photo: Thomas Yau
Art is not only a way for Ashley Chung, last year's Student of the Year (Visual Artist) Award winner, to express herself. It also brought her out of her shell.