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This year’s judges tell us that overcoming failure and learning from it is just as important as good academic results.
Vanessa Lai  receives her South China Morning Post Student of the Year award from the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Kim Mak.
Vanesse Lai Yuet-chi believes that every dedicated volunteer has an unforgettable moment that inspires them to keep going. She found her moment in Wenchuan, Sichuan .
Humanity, if you're looking for someone to blame for the ever-shrinking population of the striped king of cats worldwide, just hold up a mirror
Cherry in London
I am a final-year student at City University majoring in global business systems management. I would say I am extremely lucky to be admitted to this programme because of the opportunities available. I have had the best two years in my life.
Since our ancestors first began to draw on cave walls, visual arts have been an important part of human culture. Visual arts can serve as a record and reflection of history, or offer insights into our own time and society. The artwork is intricately tied to the communities around the artist.
Ashley with her winning work. Photo: Thomas Yau
Art is not only a way for Ashley Chung, last year's Student of the Year (Visual Artist) Award winner, to express herself. It also brought her out of her shell.
In May, volcanic ash from Sangeang Api volcano on Sumbawa Island, Indonesia disrupted flights from Australia to Southeast Asia
Galunggung, Sangeang Api, Eyjafjallajokull and Grimsvotn are difficult to pronounce. These are the names of volcanoes - the first two in Indonesia, the other two in Iceland - that have affected air traffic in past decades.
If you ever use a microwave oven to reheat food, do you wonder if the food is as safe or as healthy as it was before? This is an issue that has been debated for years: does using microwaves to cook food damage it?
Bright lights, a wide stage and all eyes on you. For some people, this sounds like a nightmare, but for those who love the performing arts, this is where they shine.
Janice Tse (right, with Ivan Yeung) won last year's Student of the Year (Performing Artist) award.
Hong Kong's education system may not be well-known for developing creativity, but there's no shortage of performers here. Even toddlers learn music and dance to boost their chances of getting into a good primary school.
You might wonder why I put my last name, or family name, in all-caps. It's because sometimes people get confused by my name. You see, my family name is quite rare, and my first name sounds like the very common family name, Suen.