Special reports

When you hear about an internship abroad, are you eager to strive for a life-changing experience, or do you fear change?
The story of 22-year-old cancer fighter Freddie Ng Ting-fat continues to inspire his family, students and teachers across the city even after he lost his battle against the disease in December.
Taiwanese actor/director uses hi-tech methods to spin Beijing opera towards young people
Holocaust survivor, Sara Atzmon, says she decided to express her "anger, despair and pain on canvas".
A Holocaust survivor depicts her memories in art, but it took a while to face her past
Tini Tang Hau-yin, Australian International School
Last month, 20 shortlisted young artists used their creativity, confidence and presentation skills to wow the judges in their final interviews for the Best Visual Artist Award in the South China Morning Post's Student of the Year competition.
Diva Xie
Hong Kong's top young athletes are battling away from the arena for once - to win the Sports Person of the Year title in the South China Morning Post's Student of the Year Awards. The competition is being held for the first time since 2006.
Mabel Sieh talks to two principals whose students have been shortlisted in this year's Student of the Year competition. While both hope their students are selected, they also want all students to look beyond the competition