Special reports

Success didn’t come to this year’s SOTY winners overnight. Here are the stories of hard work and dedication behind the prizes.
Aspiring student reporters pose for a photo to conclude the day-long programme.
Career paths are changing with many new opportunities being created by the fast technological developments of our days. Hong Kong Science and Technology Park organised the Science Park Career Expo – the largest expo featuring the innovation and technology sector – to showcase these changes and give...
Many universities, companies and governments around the world are working hard to unleash the potential of 3D printing.
It's not pretty, but slime mould is proving to be very smart.
Humans have long known how important fungus is. But what about mould? Do you think it can be helpful to humans? To students from City University of Hong Kong, the answer is "yes".
A banana is a healthy snack, but it can be hard to finish a bunch before they go soft and squishy - unless you know the secret to keeping them in tip-top shape.
Best place for a selfie? Inside this snazzy Audi.
Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, 2015 is on in Shanghai
Although a digital camera is a useful tool for social networking or for fun, there are hidden threats.
What comes to mind when I say "Sri Lanka"? A famous tea producer? Beautiful beaches? For me, it's the tragic 2004 tsunami.
When people talk about quality, many associate it with product quality, which is a huge concern worldwide. However, besides product quality, companies also monitor service quality.
For most secondary school students, the road to university is a rather daunting experience, and there are many questions.