Professor Zhang Mingjie’s discovery of how the DISC1 protein works on the brain could help to develop new treatments and drugs.
Ju Ching Chu winners (from left) Simon Tang Man-chung, Hui Tsz-chung, Yan Hiu-lam, and Cheng Ka-shuen with their winning exhaust fan.
From investigations to inventions, the Hong Kong Student Science Competition was a success.
In 2014, Malala was named to Time's annual unranked list of most influential teenagers.
The scientist who found the asteroid said that "if anyone deserves to have an asteroid named after them, [Malala] does."
Who wouldn't want a sword of light, strong, beautiful steel? But the experts say Valyrian steel is not all it seem to be
Apatosaurus? Nope.
You'll never guess who scientists are taking seriously these days
HAESL staff talks to student reporters David Ren (centre) and Prashanth Chandra (right).
Hong Kong's students are famous for getting excellent marks in maths and sciences, but most choose jobs in finance or law, instead of making science and technology their future career.
Cheung Hin-bon, Wong Yi-shing, Sze Wing-ho and Ho Ho-yin from Sha Tin Government Secondary School
Last Saturday, students from across the city showed off their engineering skills at the Hong Kong GreenMech Contest. Hosted by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the competition asked primary and secondary students to build Rube Goldberg machines.
When you step into a freshly-painted room, you may notice a strong smell. You probably don't think much of it, but it is actually very dangerous.
The dress responsible for breaking the Internet and causing massive debates worldwide.
To find out how The Dress managed to break the internet, we talked to a neurologist from the University of Hong Kong.
A hit-and-run in June 2013 killed eight cows on Lantau Island. The incident was widely reported in the media. News footage showed the dead cows and some seriously wounded ones crying while the rest of the herd stood by them.
Water is everywhere: in the air, clouds, rivers, oceans, ice, plants - and even inside the Earth. But only a small portion is available as fresh water