Professor Zhang Mingjie’s discovery of how the DISC1 protein works on the brain could help to develop new treatments and drugs.
Since launching in 2011, Nasa's Juno spacecraft has been cruising toward the biggest planet in the solar system. This is the mission by the numbers.
Nasa's probe Juno is going to reach Jupiter today, and that's awesome because we know so little about our solar-system giant. Here's what we do know:
Unsolved mysteries about the solar system's biggest planet
Despite all technology has afforded us, there are still millions of starving people around the world. But some people believe we can use technology to make sure there’s food for everyone.
The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation launched a programme called City Challenge to attract new ideas to turn Hong Kong into a smart city.
A huge atom smasher is pushing the boundaries of science in Europe – and Hong Kong is helping.
To say Ryan Ma loves fish is an understatement. The self-proclaimed fish enthusiast has been passionate about the creatures ever since he got his first fish tank at the age of four.
The Zika virus is “scarier” than previously thought, health officials warn, and more money is needed to fight the virus that can cause terrible birth defects.
Schools in Hong Kong are finding ways to pollute less by cutting out their greenhouse gas emissions.
People don’t fly into storms on purpose. This is something we take for granted. But for the pilots of the Government Flying Service (GFS), flying into storms is a part of the job.