Professor Zhang Mingjie’s discovery of how the DISC1 protein works on the brain could help to develop new treatments and drugs.
One of China’s most infamous serial killers was finally caught decades after he killed his first victim thanks to the use of genetic tests usually used by scientists.
Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, have discovered that female mosquitoes can transmit the Zika virus to their eggs and offspring.
Italy’s earthquake was a lot weaker than a recent one in Myanmar, but it did far more damage because it happened at a shallower depth.
It's a hot, steamy summer across much of the northern hemisphere, and mosquito bites are as much a part of the season as hikes and picnics. This year, though, daily headlines remind us that a bite can bring more than an irritating itch. Mosquitoes can be very good at transmitting diseases.
The planets Venus and Jupiter will come very close together this weekend, and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait for another decade to see this stunning astronomical phenomenon.
Beijing launched the world’s first quantum satellite yesterday, which will help it establish “hack-proof” communications between space and the ground.
When you go to a wet market to buy some fruit, you get charged by weight of the fruit. Let’s say you buy 450g apples. How do you know that it weighs 450g and not 500g or 350g?
From why dogs sniff each other’s butts, to giant robot flies talking about puking on their food, here's the scoop on animal poop, and a whole lot more.
After a five-year, 2.8 billion km journey, Nasa’s spacecraft Juno finally entered orbit of Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Milky Way.
Juno is about to enter Jupiter's orbit for a closer-than-ever look at our neighbourhood giant.