1. He didn’t originally set out to be an actor. He'd only tagged along with some friends to be an extra on the set of Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) and caught the eye of someone on the crew.
The men-led campaign has taken on eliminating violence against women as their mission - challenging a deep-rooted and often hidden issue in Indonesia’s patriarchal society.
The majority of the world’s children are being exposed to poisonous air – and it’s causing the deaths of 600,000 children younger than 5 every year from air pollution-related diseases.
Delhi has been blanketed in a toxic fog the morning after the Hindu festival of Diwali, when people in the capital celebrate by setting off crackers and fireworks.
Smits’ first encounter with these “magic trees” as he calls them, was during his marriage proposal to his wife in Indonesia in 1980.
It is dubbed the world’s most important job, but the next American president will be picked by only a small fraction of the people on the planet.
British band Clean Bandit announced last night that violinist Neil Milan is leaving the band
Armed with mobile phones, young people across Nigeria are turning to social media to discuss and report cases of female genital mutilation (FGM).
Clinics in Singapore are performing female genital cutting on babies, activists say, despite global pledges to end the internationally condemned practice.
Girls as young as 10 are married off – often to much older men – in countries including Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia.
Buddhist monks, mourners, activists and the merely curious gathered in Bangkok today to mark the 40th anniversary of one of the darkest days in Thailand’s history.