The country has agreed that the Muslim refugees can return from Bangladesh.
We've got your number_L
I love learning more about myself and others. What makes me tick? And why does something bother me, but not worry my best friend? What makes us so different? Numerology, also known as the ancient scie
Josh Lam (left) and Stanley Tang
Stanley Tang is a first-year student at Stanford University in California. Josh Lam has just begun studying architecture at the University of Hong Kong. Yet it's on Twitter that these two academic hig
Desert champions_L
The Hong Kong-based What Took You So Long Foundation (WTYSL) was co-founded two years ago by Swedish producer Sebastian Lindstrom, 26, and American director Alicia Sully, 27, soon joined by other pass
Unicef's Young Envoys from Hong Kong meet women paralegals and learn about the problems women face in Nepal.
In Hong Kong, women enjoy a high degree of independence and equality. When things go wrong at home, the law is there to protect them. But this is not the case in Nepal...
Remi Carrier, executive director of MSF Hong Kong, says people can experience what it's like to be working on a mission with the 'Living in Conflict' exhibition.
Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) earns respect and recognition around the world for travelling to the most dangerous and remote places on earth to save lives...
Adrian Fung (left) and Carol Wong are organising an inter-university campaign to encourage students to help children living in poverty.
Imagine having to travel for three hours to get to the nearest hospital whenever you were ill...
The Nepalese children share their schoolwork and drawings with the Hong Kong teenagers
Children in Hong Kong take education for granted, but things are different in Nepal. During the summer holidays, 56 Hong Kong students went to the mountainous country...
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The plane banked slowly at first, its wings angling steadily against the horizon. But then something happened...
Learn more learn more about US Pres Barak obama's speech on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
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New Zealand's wild and wonderful Fiordland provides another frontier of giant waves for the leathernecked veterans of Storm Surfers