The controversial artist’s documentary looks at the plight of people who have been pushed out of their homes and countries – like he himself has been.
The on-screen leads of last year's popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun have announced that yes, they are dating, and that yes, they are in fact getting married
A charity is providing children born with albinism with prostheses to replace their missing limbs – chopped off by witch doctors for use in potions in rural areas of Tanzania.
“It’s the last word in the dictionary and it’s fun to say and it’s fun to spell,” said an eighth grader Samara St Louis from Canada.
Many organisations in Europe and the US have been crippled by a ransomware attack called “Petya”. The malicious software has spread through large companies, leading to PCs and data being locked up and held for ransom.
The United States on Tuesday urged China to grant Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo and his wife “freedom of movement”.
Top student’s speech had been cut short by principal when it differed from an approved copy.
News of the second death tied to famed treasure hunt renewed calls for search to be shut down.
Few students lose their shot, and their slot, at their dream university once they get in, but it happened at one of the world’s most elite institutions and for a reason that has, until recently, hardly registered in the university admissions process: social media.