The USA had a complete solar eclipse from sea to shining sea, the first in 99 years
The history of solar eclipses from old superstition to modern science.
You've probably heard a lot of the row surrounding Trumps remarks about violence at a rally in Virginia. Here's what went down.
Confederate Army Gen. Robert E. Lee was hated during the American civil war only to become a heroic symbol of the South’s “Lost Cause” — and eventually a racist icon
Obama’s tweet has been retweeted more than 1 million times and liked 2.8 million times.
Trump went off script again at a news conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday afternoon, causing yet another uproar for continuing to blame "both sides" for the events in Charlottesville.
North Korea’s military presented leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday with plans to launch missiles into waters near Guam, an important US military base, despite North and South Korea and the US all expressing a willingness to avoid conflict.
“My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard,” the singer said in a prepared statement.
Teenager survived the shooting, but making the lifestyle changes needed to leave the gang life behind may be even harder.
The pop singer won an important ruling in the trial when the judge dismissed the DJ's claim accusing the singer of wrongfully getting him fired.